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At Avant Garde Flooring we pride ourselves in producing our own hardwood flooring and hardwood decking material in our factory in Brazil. We import our own material and then distribute it directly to Canadian consumers. This direct to consumers approach allows us to circumvent the middle man retailer and provide top of the line quality products at extremely affordable prices.
At Avant Garde Flooring we believe in combining elegant and resilient materials with luxurious craftsmanship, that’s why we have partnered up with Hardwood-Parqueteam Flooring Installers and Royal Innovation Decking and Fencing Specialists and Contractors to ensure your project looks great and lasts you a lifetime.
We are pleased to be the only suppliers of the Brazilian Hardwood Kurupayra Tree in all of Canada. This Amazon Rainforest tree has incredible properties that no other tree can match and we encourage you to see all of the features it offers under its respective section in Flooring and Decking.


Brazilian Mahogany Prefinished Flooring

There is a fair degree of color variation between boards of Brazilian Mahogany, ranging from a lighter golden brown to red or burgundy.

Price : $6.25

Kurupayra / Angico Prefinished Flooring

Kurupayra flooring, coming from the same family as Pepperwood, is incredibly durable with one of the highest Janka hardness ratings of 3,840. The vibrant wood features a reddish brown heartwood with yellow tones. The warming fusion of the red-browns and yellow of a Kurupayra floor creates a cozy feeling in any room and goes particularly well with white decor.

Price : 6.99

Patagonian Rosewood Prefinished Flooring

Price : 6.99

Brazilian Hardwood Decking

Price : 6.75