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About Us

Avant Garde Flooring has been producing Brazilian Hardwood flooring since 2002. We have been selling exclusively to high end consumers and private builders. We have decided to open up our product and scale our business to the masses because we believe everyone should have access to high end beautiful flooring at a reasonable price. You can find our product in several retailers across the GTA such as Canfloor and Tosca.

We source all of our products from Brazil and are the only ones in Canada selling Kurupayra species, which we believe is the best wood on the planet for all of its rare properties.


Brazilian Mahogany Prefinished Flooring

There is a fair degree of color variation between boards of Brazilian Mahogany, ranging from a lighter golden brown to red or burgundy.

Price : $6.25

Kurupayra / Angico Prefinished Flooring

Kurupayra flooring, coming from the same family as Pepperwood, is incredibly durable with one of the highest Janka hardness ratings of 3,840. The vibrant wood features a reddish brown heartwood with yellow tones. The warming fusion of the red-browns and yellow of a Kurupayra floor creates a cozy feeling in any room and goes particularly well with white decor.

Price : $6.99

Patagonian Rosewood Prefinished Flooring

Price : $8.99

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

We offer our entire catalogue of species in their respective unfinished hardwood forms. We offer a $1.50 per square foot on all unfinished hardwood orders compared to their respective prefinished species.

Price : $5.25

Hardwood Decking

Price : $6.99